Darts at Corner

Choose from several different games.

Choose from several different games.

Here at Corner you can play a modernised, electronic version of darts*. You can chose from several different darts games and you throw your darts as normal – while the board keeps track of the score.
We have 3 darts lanes at Corner that can be booked Fridays and Saturdays.

60 minuter – SEK 110/person.
85 minutes – SEK 150/person
Friday-Saturday 12.00-23.45

Book darts
Drop in for a session, subject to capacity.

* So, what is modern darts? It’s the classic game with darts and a board, but digitalised. This allows everyone, from beginners to pros, to enjoy the game in a simple and entertaining way. We have a wide and varied selection of games that all keep track of the scores and positions in real time.

Here are a few examples of our various games:

High Striker
Make sure you get more points than the previous player, or lose a life. Once your biceps are all gone, you’re out.
The last player left standing wins.

Hit your assigned target and collect a shield that represents one life. Once you’ve collected three shields, you get a sword that you can then use to eliminate your opponents! The last player left standing wins.