Our kids menu


Hamburger SEK 115
Cheddar cheese / Ketchup / French fries
2,35 kg CO₂e*

Chicken Nuggets SEK 85
French fries / Ketchup / Mayonnaise
0,44 kg CO₂e*



Gustav SEK 75
Tomato Sauce / Cheese
0,24 kg CO₂e*

Trippelina SEK 85
Tomato Sauce / Cheese / Ham
0,34 kg CO₂e*

Egon SEK 95
Tomato Sauce / Cheese / Ham / Pineapple
0,36 kg CO₂e*



Pasta parmesan SEK 85
Butter / Ketchup
0,51 kg CO₂e*



Chocolate chip cookie SEK 30
0,51 kg CO₂e*

Ice cream SEK 45
Vanilla ice cream / Chocolate sauce / Cake crumbs
0,51 kg CO₂e*


To drink

Vanilla Milkshake SEK 65

Strawberry Milkshake SEK 65

Chocolate Milkshake SEK 65

Jelly raspberry SEK 65
Raspberry drink with a fresh taste of raspberries

Caramel Fudge SEK 65
Caramel and vanilla flavored milk drink

Sour strawberry strips SEK 65
Sour drink with strawberry flavor

Soda SEK SEK 38
Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola Zero / Fanta / Sprite

Smil SEK 20

*Climate impact
We calculate the carbon footprint of our menus based on climate impact to enable sustainable choices and to do our bit to reduce the climate impact of food.
In order to achieve the UN’s climate goals for 2030, each person should have a carbon footprint of, on average, 0.5 CO2e per meal or 11 CO2e per week.