Fun, exciting and addictive

Fun, exciting and addictive

A game requiring tactics, accuracy and nerves of steel. Suitable for young and old.
We have two quality, competition-standard Champion-brand shuffleboards. The tables are 18 feet long and have a concave playing surface, which allows the pucks to curl back in towards the centre.
You can book shuffleboard Fridays and Saturdays.

55 minutes – SEK 450/table
Drop-in session: SEK 100/person

Friday-Saturday 12.00-23.55

Book shuffleboard
Drop in for a session, subject to capacity.

How is it played?

Each team has four pucks and takes it in turns to slide a puck. You push off your puck by hand and the aim is for it to remain on the table and end up in the marked fields that earn points. The player whose puck ends up nearest to the opposite short end of the table earns points from the relevant points zones. The first to 15 points is the winner.

• You play in two teams of 1-4 players, with four pucks each in different colours (blue and red).
• Both teams play from the same end.
• Decide who goes first by sliding a puck. Whoever ends up nearest to the opposite end without sliding off the table starts the match. Alternatively you can do ‘rock, paper, scissors’.
• You take it in turns to shoot a puck.
• The first team to get to 15 points wins the match.
• The puck (or pucks, if the same colour) nearest to the far end earns the points (the losing team gets no points).
• The whole of the puck must be within the points field to earn points, otherwise the preceding points field is counted instead.
• The winner starts off the next round.

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